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Jun 29, 2011

Blog - June 29

Hello!  Camp Summers Friends!  I would like to say a great big How!  How!  to Mary Trent!  She is a camper from Summers County 4-H and had some great comments about her camp experience this year!  Please read it and I encourage all of the campers to comment about your camp experience this year.  I really want to hear about all the fun you had! 

I am looking forward to Camp CJ next week!  I hope the campers from the First United Methodist Church in West Virginia has a GREAT experience.  I'll be seeing you at Camp Summers!  Sandy


Jun 28, 2011

June 28 Blog

Hello Camp Summers Friends!  Shew!  The days are going by so fast.  We are in our third week of residential youth camps and the fun is just rolling along!  There was many happy faces on this past Friday when the church youth group, Griffith Creek Baptist,  finished the last day of their camp!  My hat is off to Pastor Sorg and his team for all the work they did to make the week such a wonderful experience for the youth.  

Over the weekend, we had the Berkley family reunion and a pool party.  On Sunday, a group of junior counselors arrived from Chicago to host the kids from Loaves and Fishes!  Once again, the camp is full of giggling, smiling youth!  

When this group leaves, we will make sure all is well for the weekend reunions and the arrival of Camp CJ.  This youth group is an outreach of the area United Methodist Church group.

I would like to send out a big thanks for the team of people that are working hard to make the camp shine!  To the wonder cooking staff and maintenance team at the camp, the girls that help us in the County Clerks office and the County Commissioners, Jerry Berry, Bill Lightner and Jack David Woodrum, a big thanks for all!

I'll see you at the camp!  Sandy

Jun 21, 2011

Blog - June 21

Hello!  Camp Summers Friends!  Today is the first day of summer and it is a GREAT day at Camp Summers!  The church youth group from Griffith Creek Baptist is such a nice group of kids.  These kids are from the New River Gorge region and so we can classify them as local and they really make me proud!  Once again the weather is cooperating and there is sunshine and a breeze to go with it.  There are many activities going on this week along the banks of the Greenbrier River where we call home.  The kids were just completing bible school and were getting ready to get in the pool later today.  This weekend we are hosting the Burkley Family Reunion as well as a pool party.  We are looking forward to the Loaves and Fishes Camp next week.  So stay tune for more fun at Camp Summers! 

Jun 18, 2011

Blog - June 18

HELLO! Camp Summers Friends!  Everyone that participated in the Summers County 4-H will agree that the week passed too fast!  Last night around the camp fire, the campers were sad, but thrilled with the week.  We cracked up over the tribes skits and antics!  How! How! to Leslie on her first year as director!  The kids paid her special tribute for all her hard work! 

Next on the agenda is Griffith Creek Baptist Day Camp!  Pastor Sorg has a special time prepared for the kids that come to camp next week! 

The camp still has some days available for swimming parties!  Just call or email me!  Stay tune for more blogs coming soon!  

Jun 14, 2011

Tuesday, June 14

Hello, Camp Summers Friends!  Yesterday was a GREAT day at Camp Summers.  Mother Nature cooperated by giving us a pleasant day and the breeze felt great.  As I watched a very intense GaGa game going on, I could hear tribal songs being sung, along with laughter and giggles!  The kids seem to love Jim Gaals "Snow cone" tent.  There were several "Fish" tales going around camp and I hear that the fishing instructors are wonderful!  Ashley said that the chocolate lollipops were intense and hinted there would be more food coming With all the fun that is going on, the kids seem to be hungry and I am hearing heart felt praise for the food this year.  Someone said that we will have a couple of surprises going on and you will hear about it hear so stay tune to the Camp Summers Blog!         

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