Mar 30, 2012

Camp Blog - March 2012

The spring storm brought 9 trees down around the camp so we have been working hard to get the grounds cleaned up! Drive by the camp to see the new green metal roofs that are on the dining hall and the maintenance building! They are so pretty! We had our first booking on the season on last Saturday! The grass is growing and the camp is so happy and peaceful today! Our goal is to begin working on the pool next week. We will be renting the pool for pool parties in May this summer so think about having a class "End of the school party" at the Camp Summers pool. We can give special rates midweek in May! Please get your dates booked early!

Dec 06, 2011

What we have done this fall and what we plan to do!

Hello Camp Summers Friends,

We have made important improvements to the camp this fall!  We are constantly thinking about how we can make our campers stay more enjoyable while keeping the rustic and peaceful feel of the camp.  We just completed the dining hall and cabin rewiring project.  We added additional night lighting and electrical outlets around the camp grounds.  We removed many dead trees along the parking lot, cabins, and around the council circle.  With the help of a friend, we finished sealing and painting the outside of the bath houses brown.  We cut brush along the river and fences.  We painted and graveled the council circle.  All of the buildings has had fresh coats of paint including the flag pole and volleyball poles.  We finished installing the exhaust fans in the dining hall in the hopes it will make our hard playing campers more comfortable (cooler) while eating.  We repaired the crumbling chimney and added a new mantel in Boys Cabin 1.  We irrigated and reseeded the fields. 

Fall is over and we look forward to spring so we can continue working on our list of improvements so the camp will be ready for our users.  We seen a substantial  increase in cost of two of our essential utilites as well as food costs in 2011. We continue to investigate ways to add additional revenue  in the hopes that our budget will balance soon. 

Please keep our camp in mind for any events that we can add to our schedule for next year!  We still have the week of August 13, 2012 open for rental!  We will be sending out contracts soon.  As always, I look forward to seeing you at Camp Summers!


Sandy Turner, Director    



Aug 19, 2011

Blog - August 19

HELLO FRIENDS! I awoke this morning to rain and it is making the grass grow and the flowers perk up! The floors are mopped, the rugs are clean and we are ready for all the family reunion activity for this weekend. The pool is ready for pool parties and you can party until August 30. So if you have been sitting back and waiting to have a pool party, now is the time to get it booked. We are looking forward to the Butler family reunion this weekend and still have some dates available for activities at the camp so don't wait to long to get your party started!I'll see you at the camp! Sandy

Aug 07, 2011

August 7 Blog

HELLO CAMP SUMMERS FRIENDS! We say Thank You to Monroe County 4-H children and the Graham High School G-Men Band Camp! They were both excellent camps and made camp memories for the children and adult members. August is filled with family, family, family! We have many reunions and pool parties booked for this month. We will be hosting a group from the Summers County Senior Citizens and the Summers County Farm Bureau will have their annual meeting too! The sports group, Upward soccer will begin this month as well. So we will be having a busy, fun filled month again at Camp Summers!

Jul 14, 2011

Blog - July 14

Hello!  Camp Summers Friends!  This has been a great week for the Greenbrier Baptist Youth Camp!  It was extremely warm early in the week, but today was wonderful!  The breeze was gentle most of the day.  The church youth groups that make up GBYC played many games that included some water balloons.  The annual football game between the counselors and the campers was great fun!  The softball game is tomorrow!  Ms. Iona's "tea" keeps the teams hydrated for this competitive game!  I will miss this camp, but I always enjoy Monroe County 4-H.  They will arrive on Monday morning.  The Cox family will have their family reunion on Saturday!  So you can see, we still have a bunch going on at Camp Summers!  Call me if anyone is interested in a pool party.  We still have some time available for August! 


I'll see you at Camp Summers!