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Sep 28, 2017

Help us build a pool

Dear Friends,

The afternoon of June 23, 2016 Camp Summers took a devasting blow.  The flood brought ravaging waters through our buildings and left much in its wake including damages totaling more than $450,000.  Thankfully due to the volunteer actions of many, your donations and our insurance, we were able to piece the camp back together in time for the rest of the camping season.  This included major repairs to Girls Cabin #1, replacing the footbridge, fencing, refrigerations units, mattresses and much more.

While we were able to open the camp again, our aging pool sustained damages that continued to deteriorate it.  If we cannot fix them soon, we will be required to close the pool for 2018.  Our pool building has developed a serious crack that covers 56 feet and pool decking continues to crack and deteriorate which is a perilous hazard.  To add to our problem, our pool does not meet the ADA or ANSI/INSPI safety requirements.  We have been advised that the best way to deal with these multiple issues is to build a new pool.

At this time, we anticipate the cost of the new pool facility to be $250,000.  Thanks to FEMA, our flood insurance, and some generous donors, we have been able to raise 75% of the funds needed, however, we still need to raise $60,000 quickley to have the pool ready by spring.  That's why I writing this blog.  As you probably are aware, our beautiful, historic camp is the property of Summers County and maganged on a very tight budget.  We will need to raise the final needed funds or else enter debt service for a loan, which we simply cannot afford.

While the camp has endured some dark days during and after the horrific flood, the life lessons and leadership skills that make up the programming at Camp Summers were not lost.  Out of the darkness many happy times have followed and our campers have made memories that a flood cannot erase!  I know many of you have experienced the light Camp Summers brings.  Whether at church camp, band camp, reunions, or 4-H camp, Camp Summers is a place near and dear to all of us.  Several of you gave your time and your donations when we reopened in 2016, and for that we'll always be grateful.  It's our hope to carry that momentum forward and finish the flood damage repairs with a new pool that all can enjoy.

I hope you will share this message with anyone you think may be interested in helping us raise funds for our pool.  Donations can be made to Hinton Area Foundation/Camp Summers Improvemnt Fund, PO Box 217, Hinton, WV  25951  

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