Feb 21, 2013

Blog Post - February 21, 2013

Spring will be here in less than one month!  Wow!  We have been working on camp all winter!  Thanks to our County Commissioners, we have new roofs on all of the buildings and new ceilings in the kitchen and food storage area!  The logs above the fireplaces in three cabins have had logs replaced, new chinking installed and have been sealed!  We are putting together the cleaning schedule at this time.  We have weekend days available for the picnic shelter and pool so pick a time and call me today before everything get booked!  Also, we have one week, August 11 through 16 that would be great for a band camp, sports camp, church camp, etc.  Please help us get this week booked!  If you are interested in helping us get ready for this camp season, pelase call me at 304 673-9658 or email!      I'll see you at the camp!